Le Parfait means “the perfect”


With a name known for quality, Le Parfait is a bright, beautiful alternative to standard canning and storage jars.

Le Parfaits glassware is designed to fit the storage and canning needs of both the home cook and the commercial producer.

Le Parfait is the glassware of choice for discerning canning enthusiasts. Bright, clear and strong, the jars are made of high-quality glass and designed to last generations. Le Parfait brings unequaled quality to canning and storage. From the iconic wire bail and orange ring to two-piece screw-top lids, Le Parfait jars  offer modern interpretations of vintage designs.

Le Parfait is not the standard canning solution

Le Parfait glassware comes in five distinct designs: Super Jars, Super Terrines, Familia Wiss, Jam Jars and Jam Pots and Screw-Top Jars. Each of the designs is both complimentary to the others in the family while being unique in its own design and construction.

Le Parfait glassware include features like wire-bail swing lids and bright orange rubber seals, for easy opening and closing, or two-part cap and lid enclosures for long-term sealing; wider mouths and bases for easy filling without the fear of tipping; bright, clear glass made from virgin materials that will stand up to high temperatures and shock; and either terrine stylings for easy decanting or bocal design for classic storing of sauces and liquids.

It’s good for more than green beans and strawberry jam

Food manufacturers and home cooks alike will find that Le Parfait glassware complements jams and jellies, pickles and chutneys, dried fruit and nuts or even sweet treats, bringing bold style to homemade and commercially produced products.

Outside of the kitchen, they work equally well for bath and body products, such as creams and lotions, bath salts, as well as home products, like candles or potpourri. Each jar is deeply embossed with the Le Parfait name, leaving plenty of room for future labeling, so customers will know the quality of both the contents and their packaging.

They’re only as good as what you put into them

Out of the ordinary, Le Parfait glassware helps your preserves and projects shine. Don’t let your hard work be spoiled by dull, chipping glass or unwieldy shapes and sizes. There is a reason why the original has been trusted for generations.