Stand apart from ordinary canning jars


Available in six sizes: 200 grams, 350 grams, 500 grams, 750 grams, 1000 grams, 1500 grams

Hearty and cleanly designed to last for generations, the Familia Wiss Terrine is a uniquely French take on the ubiquitous canning jar. Instead of the standard, round design of other jars, the terrine has straight sides that taper slightly at the bottom, which allows for easy removal of preserved goods. The bright, clear glass beautifully displays the contents inside, and the wide mouth allows for quick filling and storing preserves with ease.

A better solution for long-term preservation

Familia Wiss is built for heavy-duty canning. Featuring thick, durable glass, the terrine’s wide lid and bottom allow for better stacking and storage in the cupboard, unlike standard canning jars. The Familia Wiss uses a two-part sealing cap and full lid that ensure a tight seal the first time for a long-term shelf life.

The full lid means you don’t have to worry about handling the cap once your canned goods have been opened and stored in the refrigerator, allowing for easier use and a cleaner presentation. Like classic jars, sealing caps cannot be reused for heat treatment and must be replaced once the original seal is broken.

Use it like a traditional canning jar

The shape is good for individual pates, layered terrines and potted desserts. As well, the terrine can be used like a standard canning jar for individual soups or sauces, cut pickles and vegetables, crushed tomatoes and fruits, olives, salsas, baby food, spice and salt mixes, compound butters, ground or whole bean coffee.

The jar’s design also makes it a decorative element for non-canning needs. Use it as a gift container for sweets and nuts or a base for candles.