This is the perfect late-night snack


Pumpernickel bread

Homemade mustard


White cheddar

Cornichons, chopped

When you’re starving, finding a snack can be a Herculean task. You want the most delicious food imaginable, but you want to put in as little effort as possible. This where fancy toasts can be amazing in your culinary artillery. Using only the toaster, this dish requires that you have a couple of quality ingredients on hand to really tie it together: good bread, good cheese, good meat and an amazing mustard. For this dish, we use our homemade beer mustard, with whole mustard grains and an amazing flavor.

Step One. Toast the bread

You don’t have to be fancy. A standard kitchen toaster will cook the bread perfectly. If you don’t have one, broil the pumpernickel until the desired level of toasting is reached.

Step Two. Assemble the toast

Spread homemade mustard across the face of the toast. Dress with white cheddar cheese, prosciutto and cornichons.

If you don’t have these ingredients handy, don’t worry. The key to the dish is the wholegrain mustard. It pairs well plain cheddar or other dried meats. In a pinch, you can top your toasted with roasted beef or pork, or you could skip it completely, layering Granny Smith apple with Gruyere.