Put your culinary projects to work

Sunday Morning Yogurt Waffles

Nothing welcomes in the weekend like a big breakfast of homemade waffles with the family.

Instant, Fruity Frozen Yogurt

All it takes is five minutes and frozen fruit, and you have a healthy, tasty after-meal treat.

Quenching, Classic Tzatziki

Start your mastery of Greek cuisine with one simple sauce that will change up everything.

Spicy & Sweet Drumsticks

Toss drumsticks in spicy, sweet sauce and double-bake them so they’re crispy.

Blackberry-Strawberry Margarita

Blackberry-strawberry jam brings sweetness, tartness and fruitiness to this margarita.

Our Family’s Classic Hamantaschen

This Jewish bakery favorite will change your cookie trays for the holiday season.

The Steakhouse Kimchi Butter

Finish your meat like a steakhouse would with a burst of this spicy butter.

Kimchi-Fusion Quesadillas

The only thing better than a cheese quesadilla is one filled with homemade kimchi.

Flavor-Bursting Kimchi Rice

This recipe will make you a believer that white rice is always better the second day.

Mustard-Encrusted Salmon Fillets

The big, bold flavor of beer mustard upgrades salmon to an instant favorite.

Cheddar & Prosciutto Toast

When you’re snacking in the dead of night, you’re never going for the mixing bowls.

Work-Night Celebration Pan Sauce

Don’t wait for the weekend. Upgrade your roasted meats with this handy recipe.

World-Famous Fried Pickles

You’ll have your family thinking your kitchen is a carnival midway with this treat.

Hometown Hero Potato Salad

Be the MVP of the BBQ season with this champion potato salad recipe.

The World’s Best Pickle Relish

Bring your hotdog game to the next level with this unforgettable pickle relish.

Grandma’s Sauerkraut-Potato Balls

Perfect for cocktail hour, these bite-sized appetizers are sure to please.

Our Best Reuben Sandwich

The only way you can improve upon a classic is by making the best one out there.

Chocolate (and Sauerkraut!) Cake

Don’t be afraid of the secret ingredient. It’s one of those dishes you won’t believe until you try it.

Grapefruit & Lemon Shrub Dressing

Skip the iced tea with lemon. This is your new thirst-quenching drink on hot days.

Strawberry Vinegar Chicken

This dish gets its heart and soul from a burst of homemade drinking vinegar.

Guilt-Free, Grain-Free Berry Muffins

If you’ve got office mates who are staying away from gluten, bring this for break time.