A more elegant storage solution


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Made in Italy to be beautiful and durable, Bormioli Rocco swing-top bottles are a versatile storage solution for liquids. With a fun, wire-bail stopper, the bottles feature a square design that sets them apart from similar containers. Party hosts will love how they are the perfect vessel for all your potions, elixirs and libations, and the diehard cook will love how easy they fit into a dinner service’s mise en place.

Built for more than sitting empty on a shelf

Despite how gorgeous they are, Bormioli Rocco swing-top bottles aren’t just another pretty container. Made of bright, clear glass, they are strong enough for everyday use. Featuring a square bottom for easy storing, the bottles will not take on the odor or flavor of the foods stored in them, and they clean easily without staining.

The bottles feature a wire bail enclosure that seals tightly for short-term storage, so you don’t have to worry about spills or cross-contaminating flavors, and the bail will last through repeated use. Dishwasher safe, these jars are at home in your pantry or refrigerator.

But its gorgeous design may find it among the decor

Designed for liquids, the bottles are excellent both inside and outside of the refrigerator. Use them for homemade sodas, liqueurs, infused vinegars and oils, or you can use them to rebottle store-bought items. They can also be used as a dispenser for soap or dry goods, like sugar, salt or ground coffee.

The swing-top bottles add an air of elegance to table settings, and they can double as vases or impromptu candle holders. They can also be painted or decorated and used as a decor element in their own right.