Small-batch cooking leaves you with just enough for now

The best jam in the world doesn’t wait to be preserved

If someone were to ask you, what food is most likely to be preserved for later consumption, a good number of people would say jam. It’s that classic pantry treat, sun-ripened berries that were jarred and saved for later rainy days, but what if we told you the best jam isn’t made to be eaten later? What if we told you that you’d been doing jam all wrong for years, and the best ones are made to be eaten that weekend? This quick jam recipe will change your mind.

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You won’t believe what simple jam can do!
Sweet and Spicy Drumsticks

Toss drumsticks in spicy, sweet sauce and double-bake them so they’re crispy.

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Blackberry-Strawberry Margarita

Blackberry-strawberry jam brings sweetness, tartness and fruitiness to this margarita.

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Our Family’s Classic Hamantaschen

This Jewish bakery favorite will change your cookie trays for the holiday season.

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Yogurt Party

Don’t buy it at the store. Save money and make a healthier version of this go-to snack. With only two ingredients, yogurt is an excellent food for first-time fermenters.

Sauerkraut Party

If you’re going to have sausages, then it behooves you to have really great sauerkraut. In this video, we show you the techniques and ingredients to make a showstopper.

Pickle Party

Nothing says summer like BBQs and homemade pickles. In this video, we make fermented sun pickles that are both crisp and pack a good bite.

Shrub Party

It’s an American culinary classic, though most people have never heard of drinking vinegar. In this video, we make a citrus shrub that’s a real crowd pleaser.

Kimchi Party

The national dish of Korea comes to your kitchen. In this video, we make a modern kimchi, which packs a spicy punch and is quick to ferment.

Mustard Party

Even though you have this in your refrigerator, it’s time to tackle mustard. In this video, we make a wholegrain mustard with a beer twist for full, rich flavor.

Jam Party

It’s that classic pantry treat, sun-ripened berries that were jarred and saved for later rainy days. In this video, we make a small-batch jam that you’ll eat before preserving.