Because jam is hungry for its own jar


Jam Jars available in four sizes: 324 milliliter, 340 milliliter, 385 milliliter

Jam Pots available in one size: 15 ounce

The Le Parfait Jam Jar and the Le Parfait Jam Pot give homemade jams and jellies the distinguishing touch they deserve. In two styles, one designed for canning and one for short preservation, the jar and pot give jams and jellies a table-ready appearance. The vintage design calls back to early Twentieth Century France, but it will bring back your childhood at the breakfast table, too, when empty jam jars became juice glasses. Faceted sides allow for easy handling.

Two sealing options, for both short- and long-term preservation

On the Jam Jar, the pen-and-ink inspired screw-top lid reminds you that the contents are “Home Made” while the presentation is anything but. Designed for canning, the lid must be replaced each time for heat treating but can be used to seal for short-term storage.

The Jam Pot has a smooth lip for easy drinking and cannot be used with a sealing lid, making it great as a working glass in the kitchen. Bright orange rubber caps are sold separately, allowing you to use these Jam Pots for quick preserves that need short-term storage and no heat treatment.

The two designs are good for more than just jam

The Jam Jars’ shapes and sizes are good for both small and family-sized batches of jams, jellies and marmalades, but they can be used as fun alternatives to standard canning jars for salsas and chutneys.

The Jam Pot makes an attractive working glass, perfect for juice, table wine and cocktails, and with the optional lid, it stores refrigerated preserves with ease.